If you are looking to finance a large import from abroad or domestic supplier payment, our finance specialists can help. We can help businesses to fund payments to suppliers both in the UK or from overseas like China. Making large upfront payments for stock and materials can put a strain on cash-flow. We work with a number of specialist providers that will pay your invoices for you. The balance is then payable either when your customer pays you or when you raise a customer invoice for factoring. Let us explore what stock and trade finance options are available for your company.

We do not charge a fee for our service so contact us now to discuss your funding options.


A Trade Finance facility provides funding when you need to make large upfront payments to suppliers. This type of facility is most commonly required when purchasing goods from overseas suppliers and manufacturers. However it can also be used for domestic transactions in the UK as well. With long lead and shipping times when importing from abroad, managing cash flow is important. You can use trade finance for a one off transaction or regular purchases. The financier will usually take title over the goods and may request other security like a debenture and/or Director Guarantees.


A Stock Finance facility is a flexible way to purchases goods to help your business grow. This typically involves setting up a revolving credit facility that allows you to purchase goods from multiple suppliers. If you are a new start business or a existing business with large orders to fulfill, then a stock facility may be suitable. The financier will usually take title over the goods and may request other security like a debenture and/or Director Guarantees. Similar to a Business Loan or Overdraft.

Features & Benefits

  • Make Large Upfront Payments To Suppliers
  • Funding From £10k to £1 Million
  • Funding up to 120 days
  • Accept Large Customer Orders
  • Suppliers Located in the UK, Europe or Worldwide
  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Long Term Funding Solution For Imports and Stock Purchases
  • Available To New Start Ups


Overseas Trade Finance

Get funding on a wide variety of physical goods when importing from reputable overseas suppliers. Up to 100% of the costs covered.

  • Supplier Invoices Funded Same Day Once Set Up
  • Duty, VAT and Freight paid the same day your goods arrive
  • Revolving Facility Providing Ongoing Funding
  • Pay your suppliers in different currencies $ €

Stock Finance

A revolving credit facility to fund the purchase of physical goods, supplies and inventory.

  • Revolving Facility Providing Ongoing Funding
  • Available alongside an Invoice Finance facility
  • Finished Goods, Raw Materials and Even Work In Progress

Pre-Sold Stock Finance

If you already have a confirmed customer order then you may be able to fund 100% to buy the stock. Accept big customer orders without needing to find the cash to pay suppliers. Don’t let low credit limits from your suppliers stop your business from growing.

Speculative Stock Finance

With a proven track record of selling goods and turning stock you may be able to increase your stock levels. Even without a customer order its possible to fund new stock purchases. Charges calculated daily so you only pay interest on what you borrow, pay back quickly to reduce costs.

Components and Raw Materials Finance

Its possible to get a stock facility to buy components and raw materials. If you are a manufacturer or engineering firm then there are options available. This could be a revolving credit facility or a business loan with fixed repayments.

Inventory Finance

If you have existing stock in your inventory, it may be possible to raise up to 100% funding against it. Raise funds against items already on your balance sheet and in your warehouse. Could be used as part of management buyout or company purchase (MBO, MBI).

Stock to Invoice Finance

If you already have invoice finance, a stock finance facility could still be used in conjunction. Alternatively you could set up both at the same time with one provider or two different lenders.