Our team of Asset Finance experts can access a comprehensive range of affordable and flexible asset solutions for your business. For any growing business having access to the right commercial assets is vital to your success. However cash-flow constraints mean that spreading the cost of expensive tools and equipment is preferred. We can help you purchase new or used assets, spread the cost of large purchases and refinance to release/ save money from existing assets.

We do not charge a fee for our service so contact us now to discuss your funding options.


Asset Finance allows your business to spread the cost of large purchases with an affordable monthly payment. Thus allowing you to get the tools and equipment your business needs without a large capital expense upfront. This can cover a large selection of “hard” or “soft” assets, such as Vehicles, Machinery, Software, Equipment, Furniture and Technology. If you already have existing hard assets that are owned outright, these can be refinanced to raise money for your company.

Features & Benefits of Asset Finance

  • Purchase Expensive Commercial Assets
  • Vehicles, Machinery, Software, Equipment and Technology
  • Spread The Cost With Monthly Payments
  • Asset loans starting from £5,000+
  • Purchase, Refinance and Hire of Any Commercial Asset
  • Available To New Start Ups
  • Low Deposits Available
  • Suitable For Companies With A CVA, Bad Credit or CCJ’s



A popular type of asset finance is a Hire Purchase. Unlike leasing your business owns the item but can still spread the cost over monthly payments.

  • Spread the cost with a monthly payment from 12 to 60 Months
  • Own the vehicle or asset once all payments have been made
  • Low Deposits Available, VAT payable upfront
  • Retain the rights of ownership but spread the cost over time
  • Tax efficient, interest and charges can be off set against pre-tax profits


With a Finance Lease ownership stays with the finance company throughout. Your business rents it over an agreed period of time and makes fixed monthly payments. At the end of the term, you can offer to buy the asset or return them to the finance company.

  • Spread the cost from 12 to 60 Months
  • Low deposits from 10%
  • Payments can be deducted from income as a trading expense
  • Utilise the asset without the liability of ownership


If you have existing assets, then these can be refinanced to reduce monthly payments or to release capital. Some assets like vehicles and machinery can be used as security to lend money to use within your business. Same day valuations available from our panel of lenders

  • Release capital from existing assets
  • Reduce monthly payments and spread payments over a longer period
  • Secure lending using existing assets
  • Fund company acquisitions via MBO or MBI


Release capital from assets but still maintain the benefit of using them. Its possible to sell your unencumbered assets and lease them back to release capital.